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    I was trying to extract some vob's from a disc using VOB2MPGPRO and the disc's contents look very strange.

    I'm getting over 100 titles, each about 0.15 seconds long (some with english audio, some with unknown audio, and some with no audio). I've tried extracting a few of the videos and they appear to be blank.

    The disc should have 4 titles that are about 45 minutes long along with the normal array of menu's. Has anyone seen this before or know how to get VOB2MPG to recognize the titles?
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    quite likely part of a protection scheme. what are you using to decrypt the dvd? anydvd or dvdfab? you might try copying the dvd to your hard drive first, using dvdshrink to extract main movie only and then using vob2mpg to create an mpg.
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