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  1. I have a bunch of kid videosongs in xvid (.avi) and divx (.divx) format. I have them all listed in a playlist which I load into VLC to play randomly.

    The problem is that some are loud and some need the volume turned up.

    Which utility do you recommend to batch process them all and equalize the sound level?
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    I not sure if there are any programs available that will batch process the audio for you. In the past i've used virtualdub to save the audio as a seperate file then use goldwave to level match the files. Then mux audio and video together again in virtualdub. The latestest versions of Goldwave now accept video files which may negate having to conduct the steps of demux and re-muxing in virtualdub.
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  3. Seems that this thread can be answer for Your question - simple level related to peak level can be not very good - use way how human ear hear the sound.
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  4. Thanks for your answers.

    Will they work on avi and dvx or just on mp3?
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  5. it will work (method) with any audio - mp3 can be modified without recompression (data are modified during decoding) - for WAV (PCM) samples must be modified permanent (sample value multiplied by proper coefficient). Some of the file formats are like mp3 some like PCM - however most of the players ignore this info so recommended is decode audio to PCM and permanently modify level then recode to desired format.
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  6. I thought so. I am looking to process .AVI and .DiVX
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  7. extract elementary audio stream from container (demuxe), decode to wav, apply adjustment by (some GUI available ), encode to desired audio format (mp3, ac3 etc), remux with video to new container
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  8. There are hundredths of files. I could not possibly do them one by one...
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