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    As mentioned on this forum several times before, Apple's media players iTunes / QuickTime / Front Row don't support MPEG 2- files.

    This is a bad thing, since MPEG-2 is the core of most digital television and DVD formats. If you want to maintain the original DVD quality if you rip from DVD, there's only one way: keep your VOB's/ MPEG-2's. Don't encode them to AVI, MPEG-4, DV, etcetera.

    VLC is a good alternative to Apple's media players. It plays all VOB's/MPEG's without any problem.

    The only thing I dislike about VLC is that it hasn't have a handy interface like iTunes has. There's no way to categorize your video's on artist, album, year, genre.

    So... a video player that supports MPEG and looks like iTunes... that's what I'm dreaming of...
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  2. Is Boxee available for the Mac?

    Just checked -- yes it is.
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