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    I never thought I would start such a stupid thread - but after copying my SD card onto my PC, backing that up onto DVD, and formatting the SD card for re-use, I now find that one of the AVI files on the card was too large to be copied by Windows Camera Wizard, so without warning me, it only kept 0kB of the file!!!

    I already have one paid for undelete software from years back, "photorescue", but this only recovers the first 50MB of any file over 50MB!

    Does anyone know of any free software that can recover a 1GB AVI file from an SD card after it's been formatted?

    The data is there. Grabbing the raw card data and hacking an AVI header on the front is enough to get some of the missing video to play - but I'm hoping there are free tools to grab the full 1GB, rather than just the first 50MB!

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  2. There's Recuva and Pandora Recovery which I've heard are quite good, but I've not been in the position to have to test them myself.

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    maybe photorec / testdisc
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