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  1. I currently have 1 webcam, but I would like to buy a 2nd one and do split-screen or picture-in-picture for online streaming. I'm currently using Flash Media Live Encoder to stream my video and would like to keep using it.

    Is it possible to hook up 2 webcams to one computer? Is it possible to take 2 webcam inputs and combine them in FMLE? Will I need more software?

    Sorry for the noob question, I'm very new to streaming and video. Thanks!

    - Matt
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    Possible but I don't know of cheap software.
    Telestream Wirecast (Win or Mac)
    Boinx (Mac)
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  3. You can use DirectShowSource() in an AviSynth script two open two capture graphs then StackHorizontal() or Overlay() to manipulate them. Then you need some streaming software to open the AviSynth script. You can't dynamically swap the videos though.

    I used a capture graph to capture from a webcam in this post:

    I overlaid the webcam image onto a static picture. You would use two DirectShowSource() commands, one for each webcam, then manipulate them as you need:

    v1=DirectShowSource("cap1.grf", audio=false, fps=30, seek=false, framecount=100000)
    v2=DirectShowSource("cap2.grf", audio=false, fps=30, seek=false, framecount=100000)
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