Hi guys-
I've used Thunderbird previously for multiple accounts, including Google; but just spent over an hour with a Frontier online tech controlling my desktop, trying to get T-bird 5 to accept a secondary email account.
They couldn't make the secondary account get past the password...

In a nutshell:
The primary account had set itself up automatically.
Except for not deleting mail from the server once picked up, it worked fine.

The secondary account has a different name and different password.
The Frontier server refuses to accept the password (it says).

However, the exact same password works OK to access the secondary acct via the Frontier email webpage, so the problem is not simply mis-entry.

On the T-bird settings page, the secondary acct will show up as username@frontier.com@frontier.com
This happens automatically.

The primary acct is blocked by the failed access to the secondary acct.
Eventually I had to remove it, altho it still exists on the Frontier servers

Any ideas on what this could be? I found some old issues about ' enable SMTP Authentication' back in 2006, but that's about it. oh yeah, it's Win7 with Norton 360 on an Acer...