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  1. Hi, during a skydive jump, my GoPro was torned with my helmet of my head. I had to cut away and the reason is not clear (lines in the GoPro or other reason). Anyway I found back my helmet with my GoPro on it, apparently not damaged at all!!!. The camera was still turned on but not filming anymore. I copied the MP4 video file on my PC to visualize this amazing video but the file seems to be corrupted. I receive an "error 2048" saying that it's not a file QuickTime understands while every other GoPro movie can be viewed this way.
    I suspect that due to the shock, the filming stopped brutaly and the file was not closed in a proper way.
    Can someone help me recover the file?
    Many thanks.
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    Try remultiplex it with the free mymp4boxgui, open the mp4, save as/multiplex as new mp4.

    If it fails try free editors like mpeg streamclip, avidemux, vlc media player and too see if any can open them. If so try save a new mp4.

    If they alls fails try Video repair tool. Not free though.
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