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  1. Hi everyone. I'd like to start out telling you that I've been using AVISynth, MeGUI and VobSub/TextSub for a good few years now.

    Here is my problem:

    TextSub won't work, only VSFilter (old) will.

    Well that should be enough, right? That has most of the functions in it that the latest TextSub has.

    Well that's true. But I am trying to use the \blur and \be functions in an .ASS subtitle file, but VSFilter doesn't draw these settings. It would be fine if one worked and the other not, but NEITHER are working now.

    I've installed MeGUI and have all the latest stable updates.
    I've installed VobSub 2.23, the latest, and I've selected TextSub as a plug-in for AVISynth during set-up.
    I've installed AVISynth 2.5.8, the latest.

    I have only ever encountered this problem once before, and I've completely forgotten how to remedy the problem as it was nearly three years ago.

    I've installed k-lite media codec pack as well to see if it would help, but it has not.

    "textsub.vdf" appears to have been placed in the AVISynth plug-in folder, however AVISynth reports "textsub is not a valid plug-in.".
    When I rename the file "textsub.dll" AVISynth can't find it at all.

    "There is no function named "textsub"."

    Can someone please help me figure out what's going on?


    Here is a sample of Aegisub and VobSub_TextSub rendering:


    What's strange is I have the subtitle renderer in Aegi set to VobSub_TextSub yet outside Aegi it doesn't render correctly:
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    VobSub 2.23 is outdated. Avisynth 2.5.x works best with VSFilter 2.33 or higher.

    IIRC, Aegisub requires version 2.39


    TextSub("etc etc etc")
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  3. Originally Posted by El Heggunte View Post
    VobSub 2.23 is outdated.
    Is that seriously the problem? If so, I can't find any newer versions of VobSub. Could you possibly show me a link to a newer version of VobSub please?

    This site also re-directs the first text of "VobSub" to version 2.23, thus I was under the assumption it was the latest version.

    I've got 2.39 installed, but I'd like to find an official download page/thread for it so I can keep up to date at all times. There are apparently now 2.40 versions in x86 and x64, but that doesn't seem to do much if you need x64 AVISynth (unofficial alpha) and x64 codecs (also not so good an idea)...


    It turns out that Aegisub comes with VSFilter, though I'm not sure which's 980KB whereas the 2.39 version I have is 964KB, so it must be 2.40 or higher...
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