Hi all,
I'm having trouble with Studio 9 under Windows XP.

I originally used this software with the DC10+ Capture Card under Windows 98, and everything worked fine (and still does).

I now have a dual-boot system with 98 and XP.
I found the DC10+ drivers for XP on the Internet and installed them; but had to disable them because they were causing the system to crash intermittently.

In Studio 9 under XP, the preview panes are all black: both in the project time-line, and the source video scene-breakdown.
However the preview window does show the video correctly, and I can watch it in Full Screen preview mode.
(N.B. The footage was all captured under Windows 98 obviously, because I can't get the DC10+ driver to work properly under XP.)
(N.B. Even before I disabled the DC10+ driver, the preview panes were still black.)

The PICVideo MJPEG codec is installed in XP (I installed this myself from an Internet download). I had a look at it's settings in Device Manager, and I notice the codec says it's designed for Studio 8. So I wonder if this could be the source of the problem?

N.B. I also have a copy of Studio 7: so I tried installing this, and found the problem disappears, and all the preview panes are shown correctly.

(Have also disabled the MJPEG codecs in Direct Show just in case these were causing a clash.)

Just to complicate matters, I should also mention that the Studio 9 software used to work correctly under XP when I first installed it. Or at least the preview panes were not black. Though even then there were intermittent problems with the video freezing during complex transistions.
At that time there was a yellow exclamation mark against one of the items in the video section of Device Manager. I deleted this item, and I think that's when the black preview pane problem appeared.
I can't restore my sytem to the previous state, because I didn't notice that it had affected Studio 9 until quite a long time afterwards, by which time the sytem restore point had been auto-deleted.