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    this is why i'm an unemployed exterminator (i guess that makes me an ex-exterminator) and intel is worth billions:

    note that they're not talking about having their integrated gpu performing AA but rather spare cpu cores, though i suspect that more than likely they would include dedicated circuitry just for that function.

    the implications of this are clear; intel is hell bent on making discrete graphics solutions redundant; if you have an integrated dx10.1 gpu (with dx11 available on ivy bridge) and the cpu can handle AA calculations, you quickly start losing any use for an add in video card.

    if the added AF capabilities to the cpu, i think that would probably be the death knell for discrete graphics solutions, as far as most people are concerned.
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  2. I think you're late to the party .. discete graphics died two years ago. Yes the corpse lives on, buts its just giving off death gases.

    Incidentally a rumor is going round that ARM are combing their gfx core (MALI) with a cutdown bobcat core ... its codenamed the "bob/Mali" and its really smokin' ! >that may be just Tosh ..
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