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  1. Hi all!

    I just bought a Terratec C PCI HD CI tv tuner card for my HTPC, and it finds all the channels and shows a good picture, but it doesn't want to show the DVB subtitles.
    Using Terratec Home Cinema (THC), I have tried the latest stable version and the latest beta (6.23) but to no avail. When I right-klick the picture I get a sub-menu and there I can choose subtitles. But the only options that I have are "Teletext ###", "Off" and "Auto-detect".
    The Teletext subtitles are no good. On some channels I get teletext graphics artefacts all over the picture and on other channels I get the wrong language or it doesn't work at all. Also, the teletext subtitles are ugly and white with no background so you can't see what it says when the picture is bright. The options "Off" and "Auto-detect" are to no help in this matter.

    I want the DVB subtitles that I get when I use an ordinary DVB-C receiver box that I connect to my TV.
    I have witten to Teratec but havn't received any reply...

    Does anyone know how to get them to display? Thankful for any help!
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    You can try another player like dvbviewer or progdvb and see if they support dvb subs.
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  3. Hi, thanks for your reply.
    Oh, sorry I forgot to mention in my first post... I have tried with NextDVB (doesn't show any picture even though it finds the channels), Media Portal (Configured according to their setup guides but it hangs during startup at "Loading Window Plugins..."), Using the TV server in media portal with Live TV enabled release of XBMC, yes I can see the three FTA channels but it won't decrypt using my card in the CI interface, DVBViewer I have looked at but it is only a trial so I didn't test that one.

    Progdvb I believe I havn't tried yet so maybe I'll try that one. The only problem is that I only have my CRT-TV to connect that HTPC to and every program therefore takes ages to configure since the resolution isn't fantastic and many windows can't be resized in many of the programs.
    But I'll try the progdvb and see if it works any better...
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  4. Ok, now I have tried progdvb, and it showed the different language options for the broadcast dvb subtitles. But, unfortunately progdvb does not support CAM for my TV-card. So I can only see the free channels and not the ones that I am paying for.

    Also tried Windows Medi center, but it has no support for european DVB-C frequencies so it doesn't find any channels.
    DVBViewer is not freeware so I'd rather stay away from it. I don't know what to do or try anymore. Any suggestions?
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