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  1. Hi im trying to stream video from my video camcorder which is a Panasonic NV-GS180GN which uses minidv tapes to my computer. At first i assumed i could do it via USB 2.0 cable which was supplied with the camcorder. But 2 of my computer are not picking up, the stream. Now i think it was meant to transfer images not video.

    I did a bit of research and i think i need a DV firewire cable to transfer the video, and you can't do it via USB. However im uncertain on which cable (the number of pins) i need to get, or whether my computer even has a firewire port (is there a way to find out via device manager or something?)

    I've attached some photos of the port which i believe is for the firewire cable, I think its 4 pin.

    What do you guys think? Do i need a 4 pin to 4 pin firewire cable

    My computer firewire port

    The camcorder port
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    you need a 4 pin to 6 pin firewire cable. pretty standard for camcorders and available fairly cheaply at places like newegg.

    once you get one use the program called winDV to capture your tapes to the computer. the files will be about 13/GB per hour(1 tape).
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