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  1. Greetings,

    I have limited but adequate skills and know how on recording, capturing, streaming, and editing videos.

    I have been using a Canon GL2 for the past couple years to record. With it I have only been able to capture to my FireDrive or stream but not both.

    Now I am looking to upgrade to a HD VideoCamera and want to know any recommendations on being able to capture and stream on a service like LiveStream simultaneously.

    I have a budget of a couple thousand dollars and an looking at possibly a Hard Drive camera. Like I said I need it to be able to stream and capture at the same time.

    Thanks for your help in advance
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    What do you mean by Firedrive? Focus FireStore?

    I haven't used Livestream but services like UStream use the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder. That app can store the flash encode while streaming.

    DV format camcorders via Firewire are supported by most streaming apps. You need to experiment with running WinDV and the streaming encoder off the same Firewire source. Worse case you can do it with two computers.

    Also look at Telestream WireCast as a possible solution.

    Warning: most AVCHD camcorders don't stream live except off uncompressed HDMI port or analog out. An uncompressed stream capture with realtime stream recompress is a tech challenge. DV/HDV is the sweet spot format for budget live streaming.
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