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  1. Hi folks,

    I just wanted to upgrade from VLC 1.1.10 to VLC 1.1.11 and I keep getting a Message that needs Administrative Rights to install the upgrade!!!!

    I never had this problem before ...

    Q1: Has anyone else been getting the same Alerts!?!?

    It seems, lately VLC has been getting VIRUS ALERTS from different Antivirus and Firewall programs ... I wonder if this will be a pattern for this program!?!?


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  2. aBigMeanie aedipuss's Avatar
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    no alerts and no admin needed. vlc gets abused by malware creators because it's so popular, what you are installing may not be the real thing. don't download it from anywhere but the author or here.
    "a lot of people are better dead" - prisoner KSC2-303
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  3. gonwk: If you go to the VLC page here at videohelp there is a link to older versions of the vlc media player. I have version 1.1.5 installed on mine and I have not upgraded since then. I usually update the program, but I read in the comments further down the vlc page here of a possible virus issue with a newer version. I am quite pleased with the version I have and if you expand the changelog you can read about the bug fixes and improvements for the various versions of the program. As always give all your software a scan before you install it. There is so much Phishing and other stuff going on these days that is best to be cautious about where you download your software from. In the last statement I want to make clear I agree with aedipuss' reply to your query; I have no reason to distrust the files hosted here at videohelp and I have never had a virus issue from downloading software from this website.
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  4. Member Cornucopia's Avatar
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    Sorry, but I have to ask this: Do you HAVE admin rights? IOW, are you CURRENTLY logged in as Administrator (or another login with administrator priveleges)?

    If not, this is OFTEN the normal response of a program run (particularly upgrades).

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  5. Hi folks,

    Thanks to all of you ... aedipuss, Tom Saurus, Cornucopia ...

    Sorry I haven't posted back any sooner ... been having some problems ...

    @ aedipuss ... I only download from Here and sometimes from VLD site itself. Actually I trust VH site more!

    @ Tom Saurus ... actually I am with you ... I don't update every time there is an update ... not only for this program ... also for other programs ... when I saw the Alert for 1.1.11 ... I just blew it off and stayed with 1.1.10.

    @ Cornucopia ... yes I have Admin Rights ... so that is not the problem.

    Actually my reason for posting was twofold ... 1) To warn VideoHelp folks 2) To verify that others have gotten this Alert.

    Thanks again for posting so fast!

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  6. gonwk: You are entirely welcome. I have gotten a lot of good advice at this website over the years and it is nice to give back, even in a small way.
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  7. For anyone who will be searching for solutions to the same issue:

    First, 1.1.11 is a valid VLC update.
    Second: find the update file on your disk, right click and select "run as administrator". No more password problems! (Works on Vista too)
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