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  1. Hi,

    I've got a few DVDs of a mini-series, each DVD containing 3 episodes. Right now I'm converting the sub/idx to srt using SubRip - is there some way to get SubRip to automatically create seperate .srt-Files for each episode?
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  2. Nope. Better would be for you to separate the VobSubs by episodes when creating them.
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  3. Damn. Thanks for the info though

    How do I get the exact time of the title changes?
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  4. It can be tricky. One way, if all three episodes are in the same PGC or title, is to extract them in SUP format by VOB ID, rather than by the usual PGC or title. You use PGCDemux for this. If there are three episodes, and if there are 3 VOB IDs. you're in luck. Each SUP file will contain a single episode and all the times will be reset so each episode starts at zero. Then I convert SUP to VobSub (IDX/SUB) in SubtitleCreator before then doing the OCR on each episode using SubRip.

    There's also a VobSub cutter utility included in the VobSub package that can split VobSubs and reset the timestamps, but it depends on you knowing the exact length of each episode in advance.

    If each episode is in a separate PGC, then there are much easier ways to accomplish what you want. How are you extracting the VobSubs from the DVD currently?
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  5. Thanks for the answer - I got as far as extracting the .sup files for each title, but am left with 7 sup-files for each title, with no idea how to open/join/export them in subtitle creator - am I missing some menu entry in that program or did I go wrong somewhere?
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  6. You separated them by VOB ID? 7 sounds like a lot for just 3 episodes. Might there be other things in that title besides just the episodes? Or might only 3 of the SUP files created be large enough for the 3 episodes? If each episode really has 2 VOB IDs (or more), then you might as well split the VobSubs using the VobSub Cutter I mentioned earlier.

    There's also a VobSub Joiner utility as part of the VobSub package. It requires you know the length of the various VOB IDs, which you can get from PGCDemux.

    When you open the IFO in PGCDemux, the length listed is the sum of the lengths of all three episodes when using the default 'by PGC' Mode? When you check the drop-down box, you don't see the episodes listed separately?

    Anyway, you open them in the latest version of SubtitleCreator with File->Open Subtitle and save them as VobSubs immediately after in File->Save VobSub. You can also read them while open.
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