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  1. i'm trying to install correctly this interesting software (multiavchd) but I'm fighting with codec problems
    I'd want to reduce the bitrate of a bluray vith WVC1 codec (keeping the WVC1 codec) but in the related windows the software tell me
    "the transcode may not work if you see this message"
    - I use windows 7 professional (with hard disk just formatted)
    - I've installed Haali codec and FFdshow codec
    - I've installed Avisinth
    (also when I double-click on the single file .m2ts ,Windows media player don't open the file)
    The problem is how to resolve the WVC1 problem (and where find the exact codec)
    Anyone could help me ?
    Please explain detaily and clearly because i'm a newby.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Are your VC1 files interlaced? I am not an expert on this subject but I do know that interlaced VC1 is an absolute nightmare to try to re-encode and there are many problems. I do not know a fix if you have interlaced VC1 files.
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  3. No, the file is progressive
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  4. Reducing the bitrate means re-encoding, no way around that. I suppose you want a specific file size, perhaps to fit a BDR? Since you must re-encode, I see no point in stipulating the output must be VC-1. If someone knows of a freeware method to output VC-1, let's hear it, because I know of none.

    OTOH, there are several fine tools that will take your Blu-Ray and re-encode to whatever size you like, using AVC (H.264) with the X264 encoder. BDRB and AVCHDCoder can do it, among others.

    Good luck.
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  5. Thank you fritzi93. I'll follow your advice.
    However it's not normal that doubleclicking on the m2ts file Windows media player (inside Windows 7)
    don't permit to view the file.
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