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  1. Hello all

    im trying to get the stream url of this website which use his own player
    i tried to sniff the stream url using smartsniff which give me an udp ip address

    Index : 1
    Protocol : UDP
    Local Address :
    Remote Address :
    Local Port : 62768
    Remote Port : 2077
    Local Host : Me
    Remote Host :
    Service Name :
    Packets : 8
    Data Size : 1,090 Bytes
    Total Size : 1,447 Bytes
    Data Speed : 0.2 KB/Sec
    Capture Time : 13/08/32 08:39:26 ص:246
    Last Packet Time : 13/08/32 08:39:31 ص:269
    Local MAC Address :
    Remote MAC Address:
    Local IP Country :
    Remote IP Country :

    also i try to go through the code and get this from the url

    kv4kmoqk0m2chjyjt4tuvi55|2eb23b79823029bbaa080ebac 95a4f203e5f4a18f394aa78cb21a1cec6b062f9a299017ce29 bf1aa||Wanasah_LR

    i want to be able to play this channel on vlc or on jw player
    is that possible ?

    any help appreciated

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  2. well i figured its using something like zixi://<user>:<session>@ to play it on its own player
    any info on the zixi protocol ?
    is it possible to play it on vlc or any other flash players?
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