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  1. How do I queue multiple files at once with HandBrake

    I converting all my old RMVB manga files to MKV (about 3000 files)

    And i got really fed up of it after the first dir with 153 files doing it manual

    1 click list > 2 click file > 3 klick add to queue > 4 go to step 1 and repeat 3000 times :'(

    Is there a way to automate this or use a different program as this is getting old real fast.

    Any help is welcome ^_^
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  2. Mod Neophyte Super Moderator redwudz's Avatar
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    HB has to process each file before it goes into the queue, so I don't think there is a way to do multiple selections. You could try Mediacoder as it seems to do batch processing and appears to handle RMVB.

    And welcome to our forums.
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  3. Originally Posted by redwudz View Post
    And welcome to our forums.
    Cheers for the help

    And I am not new to forum bin coming here sins i had my first 2 speed SCSI burner ^_^
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  4. Go here.
    Download Watch Folder, then go in to Hand Brake and save your custom query for encoding. Once you have this set Watch Folder to "watch" a folder, choose an output folder and select your encoding query. Then anything you drop in the folder will be encoded with your settings automatically. I have been using this for months and it works like a charm. Rip my blu-rays, name them and drop them in the Watch Folder and voila, my files are in mp4 format for streaming or mobile.
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