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  1. I use Vista & have over 100 small mpg (2) files I want to burn on one DVD disc (comes out to 150 min total but want to keep them separate so I can punch up each one if I wanted to just watch certain clips on the menu though have the option to start the 1st clip and have it continue to the next clips so it can be watched from beginning to end also) but I find most programs don't allow that many clips on a disc and those that do allow up to 99 or whatever either don't look good in the end (Roxio) or take too long to burn like Windows DVD Maker (plus WDVDM doesn't let you have chapter titles, just disc titles). I don't want motion menus or anything just a main menu where the mpg file names can be the title of the clip or retitle them if it won't let me do that (if I make it one mpg and do chapters it knocks the A/V synch off which is more noticable as it goes along so this is why I have to do it via separate clips). Anyone know of any other free/cheap/best software that will do this? Thanks in advance for the replies.
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  2. Why not simply burn it as a normal data disc, most dvd players I know will show a folder menu do select a file and play it without a problem,... ?
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    TDA will put all of them into one title will many real authoring programs. As far as them looking like crap after they are are either putting to many on one disc or they are MPEG2 files created from lesser quality xvid or dvix files and they will look like crap @720x480 no matter what you do.
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