I searched the site, but could not get a good answer for my problem.

I captured a short video clip (1 min 40 sec) from TV and wrote it on a DVD. I edited the clip with Pinnacle 14 and exported it. The two settings I used were HD 1920 by 1080/50 fps- 331 MB and the same HD format at 25 fps - 200 MB. (I want to combine it later with other clips, that is why I exported it as HD) For this project, should I export it as PAL Standard?

The file is currently in mpeg2 format. I want to compress it to a small size mp4 file and then post it on facebook. I have used SUPER in the past, but I'm unsure of the settings I should use, if I use SUPER (especially the video size ? 320 by 240; the fps and the video bitrate) Or are there other good freeware programmes I can use? I have read XviD4PSP is a good one to use.

Any suggestions/help please?