Hello, and thank you in advance for any help. Also, if I've posted this in the wrong forum then I apologize for my mistake and please move it as you see fit. I've been using MeGUI and MkvMergeGUI in tandem to first convert the superfluous (for my needs) audio and-or video of various movie containers, then remux the new combination of files. I've noticed when I either convert the video or it originated from a non-mkv container, that the resultant .mkv file's title when opened in my player is, by default, the "Output filename" from MMG. However, when the video I remux is not converted and came originally from an .mkv container and has text in the "File/segment title" box in the "Global" tab, that this text, by default, becomes the newly muxed .mkv's displayed title when opened in my player. My question: is there any way to either set the default for "File/segment title" in the "Global" tab to blank or to automatically load the "Output filename" into the box? Or, if neither of those options is possible, is there any way to edit the "File/segment title" text without having to remux? Again, thanks for your time.