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  1. I have an older tv. It's a Toshiba tube tv. I recently bought a new 3D TV and 3D blu ray player, but didn't want to get rid of my regular blue ray player since it's still working fine. So I connected it to my tube tv in order to stream Netflix, which the regular blue ray player is able to do. But, I'm finding an error message every time I try to stream a movie from Netflix on the tube tv. It says my bandwidth is too low. I found out it's because of the component (yellow, red and white) cables that are connecting that older blue ray player to the tube tv. Is there any way to convert that component connection to HDMI in order to stream from Netflix? I'm talking about a converter that I can plug the y,r and w cables into, that in turn, can use an HDMI cable to connect to my player. If not a converter, then what can I use to be able to stream Netflix to my tube tv without a problem?

    I need help on this.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Your composite (yellow-video, red/white-audio) have nothing to do with your network speed (low bandwidth). There are no converters that would be able to do anything more for your connection from the old BluRay to the old TV.

    Your best option, would be component (red/green/blue-video, red/white-audio) IF both your old BluRay and old TV have component connections. Then, you'd be able to have native progressive video. Depending on TV, it may/may not be worth it.

    What you have to do is find out why your old BluRay player doesn't have a good network connection. For any video streaming I'd recommend wired networking. Too many potential issues for wireless.
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  3. I suspect your WiFi connection is too weak where your old TV and Blu-ray player are.
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    Upgrade your wireless router to one that does at least 150 Mbps wireless N. I'm guessing that you're using an older wireless G router. I'm using one from Linksys that does 150 Mbps wireless N and I've had no issues with Netflix streaming. Or run a cable to your router as neomaine suggests. If you already have a wireless N router, then as jagabo says your connection is too weak. You're either going to have to buy a wireless repeater or run a cable.

    As others have pointed out and I am mentioning only to be sure that this is crystal clear, you are not correct in thinking that your TV connection type is causing this. It's a wireless network issue.
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