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  1. Visit my page at : Afer

    ================================================== =========
    Update V
    ================================================== =========

    - Change h264 encode program from x264 to handbrake
    - Change Vorbis encode program to Oggenc2.87 aoTuVb6.03 (Lancer Builds).
    - Change AAC encode program to Nero AAC Encode (support to encode AAC v2)
    - Merge Mkv tab and Edit tab together.
    * The number box(23.00) is constant quality(RF). *

    Request : .Net Framework 4.0

    Download :

    ================================================== =========
    Update V
    ================================================== =========

    - Add H264 bit depth 10 bits
    - Add H264 profile High422 and High444
    - Add Theora encode
    - Add Webm encode ( please drop contain file that has video source and audio source )

    - Add edit group

    - Add some function that relation with Mkv contain format

    Non install V1.1.0.0

    Request : .Net framework 3.5 sp1
    ================================================== =========
    Update V
    ================================================== =========

    Upgrade install (for replace "Drag Drop Convert.exe" in V 1.0 Non install)

    Non install V1.0.0.1

    Publish Install( If you has problem with non install file version)

    Request : .Net framework 3.5 sp1
    Change log
    - Add option Quality (use baseline for non pc player like Xbox media center of Xbox v1.0)
    - Add option Compress
    - Add option MP4(No Video) for content HE-AAC sound to Mp4

    ================================================== =========
    Before week ago, I found my hdd nearly full because of video.
    So I think it's time to clean the mess up then I found H264 video codec and HE-AAC.
    But promblem is many software is hard to use when I want to convert 100 video files at once that why I think why don't I just make it one.

    Non install file

    Publish file( If you has problem with non install file version)

    Request : .Net framework 3.5 sp1
    ================================================== =======
    ================================================== =======
    Output Support
    Video = H264, FFmpeg
    Audio = HE-AAC, Mp3(128 kbps), OGG, OGG - Flac, Wav
    Content = Mp4, Mkv, Avi(video only)

    Input Support
    Base on FFmpeg, I can say it's many codec support for input.

    ================================================== =======
    ================================================== =======
    Some video codec may be has a fps promblem likeWmv9 and Rm or Rmvb,
    "Custom Fps" option maybe help to fix this promblem

    Some codec(like Sorenson Spark) can't encode to h264 directly because x264 is unsupport,
    please encode to FFmpeg first then encode to h264 again.

    Content to Avi - Content raw video to Avi without change anything.

    Delete drop file - Becareful with this option if video codec has any promblem, you can't stop it.

    Encode Video and Audio - This option will encode video and audio from video files you drop in video drop zone or audio drop zone.
    ================================================== =======
    How to
    ================================================== =======
    For encode just drag and drop video files in drop zone and wait.

    For content file, make sure you don't have any unwant files has same name with drop file in folder.
    1. Nomal content (just video and sound)
    Ex. In folder, I have movie1.h264, movie2.h264 ... movie10.h264 and movie1.aac, movie2.aac ... movie10.aac
    Select all video file you want to content like movie1.h264, movie2.h264 ... movie10.h264 and just drop them into content zone then it will be all finish.

    2. Subtitle content
    Same as you did in nomal content just you can select language for files.
    If you don't need to select language the just leave them be orelse add abbreviation of language you want after file name.
    Ex. In folder, movie1.h264, movie1.eng.aac, movie1.jpn.aac,,
    Select only video files again and drop them to content zone then you got your files.

    For extrack file, unsupport for multi file with same language like Track 2# Audio English and Track 3# Audio English.
    Output format name will be {file name.language.format type}
    Ex. I drop movie1.mp4 in subtitle content example to extrack zone.
    The files I got will be movie1.AVC, movie1.English.AAC, movie1.Janpanese.AAC, movie1.English.UTF-8, movie1.Janpanese.UTF-8.
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  2. aBigMeanie aedipuss's Avatar
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    where's the control over bitrate or anything else?
    "a lot of people are better dead" - prisoner KSC2-303
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  3. No, my program haven't bitrate control because when convert many file at once, each file isn't has same bitrate (or even not same format) so I leave it to CLI program work.
    Almost setting of file is inherit from original file or auto setting by CLI program but HE-AAC's bitrate has been set at 48 kbps and Mp3 at 128 kbps for safe.
    Anyway If you have a trouble with bitrate or else, feel free to suggest me or request optional for it (for me, I'm convert over 100 files and no sign of any problem.)
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  4. Update version
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  5. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    richter03: Please stop spam your software in all threads.
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  6. Um... I don't think I spaming, I just answer topic where my software can help their problem.
    Does 5 answer after latest post (7th Aug 2011) and all relation with topic is call spam ?

    If you think I spam, which case you think I spam ?

    1. MeGui)]yomz[/url] use MeGUI and has an error at 20%.
    At 2 latest of his post he said "no, I don't think so, cause I tryed with another MKV and the prob still -.-"" and "I see That there is Noo solution fot my *** problème !!"
    then I present my software since no solution of his problem and maybe my software can help.
    Did I spam ?

    2. Gurkudrengur said he want to convert AVI file to MP4 because it's help save his disk space (and I think he didn't mean convert file size lower then 100 mb) .
    So why can't I suggest my software since he ask for convert software to help him convert many file to save his disk space ?

    3. nodollas has problem to play his mp4(H264/AAC) on his Xbox 360 and I had same problem in Xbox 1.0 (first generation of xbox and AAC isn't a problem) that is reason I updated my software to
    Main problem is "High" quality encode of file can't decode in Xbox, you have to encode with "Baseline" quality encode to make sure it can play to other device ( "Main" maybe fine but I suggest "Baseline" for save ).
    Since my software can do it, any reason I can't suggest my software to him ?

    4. Shibblet had a problem with fps when he content file and all software you suggest him is not solve his problem then what's wrong if I want to introduction my software for him, it's maybe solve his problem ?

    5. xtof want some convert software with multi feature, since many comment doesn't believe something like that is exit but I think he just doesn't like tools were exit then why can't I introduction my tool to him ?

    I share this software to help someone who has same problem as me to convert file(s) to mp4, not for a frame.
    All I want is help them solve their problem, is that a problem ?
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  7. Update version
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    No, thanks.
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  9. Originally Posted by El Heggunte View Post
    No, thanks.
    If that is all you want to say then no need to post on this topic, thanks
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  10. Member ozok's Avatar
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    Not adding option to specify bitrate or any other quality value input makes no sense.

    Also when i tried to encode a file, program simply closed without a warning.
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  11. Hi ozok,
    You can use -debug argument in shortcut target like "Drag Drop Convert.exe" -debug to see what's wrong with program but you need to close CLI program by yourself when it finish their work.

    About bitrate and quality, on convert audio, it will use default value by ffmpeg program, user can't specify anything and on convert video, h264 has many option but not allow to specifically bitrate, Theora and Webm(Vp8) user can set bitrate by input the bitrate they want in to text box behind the option but if you leave it's blank, program will use best quality setting (default max bitrate is 200000k).
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  12. Update V
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