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    Hello all. I have read through these forums over the years and now need to ask for help myself.
    I am trying to re-edit a stupid little film I made 11 years as I have better editing equipment now than I did then.
    I have a BlackMagic Intensity Pro and a TBC is essential as I get dropped frames non stop from the video I am trying to capture.
    Last year I managed to just about afford a TBC-1000 and I was dissapointed. It did the job of correcting the time code but it seemed to brighten everything up and blow all the highlights.
    Took me this long to be able to afford another one, the cheapest thing I could get second-hand was a multi standards time base corrector which has the TBC and comb filters built in. Although I don't think you can modify the comb filters.
    The problem I am having is that it seems to mess with the colour and makes everything sort of greenish and hazy. The TBC-1000 doesn't do this. I am using PAL so I can't modify the hue or anything.

    I really want to capture the video as it is so I can modify colour problems in Avid afterwards. I have included samples of the problem and it can be subtle at times but enough to tick me off. Is this colour cast really a problem? I am beginning to think that maybe the MSTC is actually correcting the colours and putting them to where they should be rather than causing destruction.

    What do you guys think. Oh and I've tried all sorts of inputs and outputs. Composite seems to be brighter and fuzzier so I am sticking the Y/C. When I used Component out of the MSTC into the BlackMagic I got the picture flickering purple everyso often so I'm sticking with either Y/C or composite.

    The images marked Straight-thru is the video signal going straight to the PC from the VCR. The other is passed through the TBC-1000, brightens it up see? the last ones is going through the MSTC.
    I gave more than one example because the effect is subtle.
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