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  1. In the current GSOC work is beeing done to add a video tracker to Blender. It's a work in progress and so far 2D tracking works, though the workflow properly could be streamlined a bit.

    Here's an example:

    And the tutorial by Sebastian König:

    For testing grab a test build here(of the Tomato branch):

    More info: and

    [Since the 2.5 Blender version was released the functionality and usability for people doing video has exploded. In this thread I'll try to post the latest tutorials on the new features.]
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  2. Lots of interesting Blender tutorials for the video people.

    Here's one on how to make a 2D Hologram(Star Wars style) in Blender:
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  3. Wow that 2D image tracking looks highly complicated, I'm looking forward to it becoming automated & more user-friendly! (I'm sure it will in no time, the speed of development in Blender is crazy!)
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  4. Rotoscoping in Blender - tutorial overview:

    Watch the entire tutorial series here:
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  5. Stabilization of handheld Footage:

    Roto Tracking:

    The used scripts are not released yet...
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  6. Tutorial: Blender Video Sequence Editor (VSE):

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  7. Now it is possible to do 3D tracking in Blender.

    In this test the moving car, the tracks and the character are 3D models, tracked and placed in the moving footage:
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  8. Awesome clip. I wish I had your talent and expertise.
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  9. I haven't created any of the stuff above - just thought it might inspire people here at Videohelp.
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  10. A bit more on the fast development of the camera tracker in Blender:
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  11. The latest Blender 3D tracker workflow video from Sebastian:
    Here's a quick demo of the tracking workflow in Blender, as it was this morning. But it already has gotten better by now. Hard to keep up with development! This is becoming a serious alternative to other (commercial) trackers. When GSOC is over, we've got a mature tracker right there.

    Why is all this tracking interesting - because is it the fundemental function for making 3d mattepainting on films.

    Watch this video to get a clear idear of 3D + 2D mattepainting(though it isn't done in Blender):
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    Nothing short of spectacular

    Can't wait till it stabilizes so I can play..............
    Got my retirement plans all set. Looks like I only have to work another 5 years after I die........
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  13. Blender tracking stability test
    by Sebastian König
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  14. Hint: The oil lamp and the matches are computergenerated and placed in the footage.
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  15. A beautiful example of camera mapping done in Blender:

    And here's a tutorial on doing camera mapping in Blender:
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  16. How to devide an image or video into parts and animate each part in Blender:
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  17. How to make handheld video more stable in Blender:
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  18. 3D camera tracking, green screen keying and compositing using Blender(timelapse):
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  19. BlendThatFilm shows how to clone people in a shot with Blender:
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  20. Face tracking, digital makeup and zit removal tutorial:

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