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  1. hi peeps, i built a new mATX encoding pc using the new gen 1155 socket i7 2600 cpu, 8gb corsair 1066 ddr3 ram blah blah blah, but as yet no dedicated graphics card as i use the Cpu HD2000 graphics.

    the pc is used mostly for browsing, and for video editing and encoding, plus some photoshop work.

    i want a decent graphics card for the pc so my son can use it for gaming (black ops, crysis and what not) but i need a card that will perform best with my encoding work as well.

    do i get Ati or Nvidia ???

    also, is there any reason for one over the other.

    im not very familiar with Nvidia, but in terms of an Ati gaming card, i thought something between a 5850 up to a 6870, with a budget no more than about $150 to $170 aussie dollars.

    the HD2000 on my Cpu seems to be fine, im happy with it, but was told a dedicated card will be much better for encoding (obviously for gaming as well)

    any help appreciated.
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  2. You've been told wrong. Unless you're using software that specifically uses the graphics card for encoding (Badaboom, Mediacoder with the CUDA or Quick Sync encoders, etc.) the graphics card isn't doing anything while encoding. Depending on what motherboard chipset you have you may not be able to use your i7 2600's Quick Sync encoder if you don't use the onboard graphics. Nvidia's CUDA seems to have the most widespread support right now. ATI's AVIVO encoder is pretty poor, quality wise. Nvidia's CUDA is better. Intel's Quick Sync is even better. None of them matches the quality of a good software encoder. But they're fast. Actually, I think x264 with the Very Fast preset will encode faster and deliver better quality than any of the GPU encoders on your i7.
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