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  1. I've just started backing up my blu-ray collection, so I'm still fairly green at this but Handbrake has the tendency to sometimes over crop the picture on the left and right to the point where I'm losing picture as I have noticed credits being cut off. Its particularly frustrating since my old computer takes 12+ hours to encode a 720p movie (35+ for 1080p!) so I want to get it right the first time! lol. I've been using the guide on this site to back up using Handbrake, choosing Loose and then scrolling down to 1280 under the video tab.
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    I think ripbot264 does a better job.
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  3. 2nd on Ripbot.

    You can visual look at the image that is being cropped and manualy adjust to get it right. I have had widescreen DVD and BR that cut off a lot of the left / right side. I changed to manual and started adding back the pixels till I got the crop right.
    For the love of God, use hub/core labels on your Recordable Discs!
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