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  1. I have this DVD player at home and recently tried to play an AVI file through the USB port. The DVD player found the file okay, but when I pressed "ok" to play it, the screen blinked and went then back to the USB menu. Attached is the GSpot breakdown of the file. My primary question is: What file type will consistently play on this DVD player through the USB port? From what I read, AVI seems to be a bit finicky and the settings have to be just right. I'd rather not use a DVD video format since it takes forever to convert and the file size is huge. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  2. AVI is a container -- a box that can contain audio and video (and other things) compressed, or not, with any of dozens of codecs. Divx/DVD players can only play AVI files compressed with some codecs like Xvid, Divx, MP3, AC3, etc. That file looks like it shouldn't give the 5982 any problems. The only unusual thing I see are the "unneeded bytes at end of file." I would try remuxing with AviDemux or VirtualDub and see if that helps.
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