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  1. I appolgize but to the mods for (re) posting this plz consider it a more detailed version and a bump.

    I have been using XMR on two systems for quite some time. one is XP pro 32bit, the other is win7 pro x64.

    The usual output Im using is AVI with ACV/h264 2 pass , mp3 new vbr 32 to 128 or 192

    Usually works like a charm over and over.

    On both system sometimes I encounter some movie that wont show any preview. After that point its like that "error" is remebered and preview stop working on ALL movies. Even movies that previously worked in the preview. But the worst part is that when it gets to this state everthing that I add to the convertlist turn in negative values. For example a 700 meg avi will say -4300 meg for output.
    It worth mentioning that apart from uninstalling/reinstalling and using different versions simply rebooting SOMETIMES does the trick.

    Also choosing a new preset (unaltered) does not reset it, once it sets in presets dont matter no preview and negative sizevalue persist.
    If convert is pressed anyway recode is started and its window is displayed for some half second and then it say done.

    The top add index-list however still shows the right time length and audio etc.

    The first system with i got a backup system with winclone. When XMR reaches that state i usually just do a winclone backup and rewrite EVERYTHING, files ,registry. Not really a solution but it usually does the trick.
    XMR is is the portable version and is on another partition the windows so whatever winclone reset must be something in the registry or in the windows system.

    The other win7 system I have no such solution. So when that error got there I tried going from the portable to the standare. It worked as the standard seems to have its own setting stored somewhere else. But then the very same error came about again on the nonportable.

    I somehow mangaged to fix somehow. By unsinstalling the normal version and reinstalling again, deleting the portable and readding the files. some time ive tried going backsome version. Just lucky i guess.

    This error dont seem related some some specific version as ive seen on and off during the what ...3-4 months start somewhere january 2011 that Ive used it and all versions in between. It seems not like a error, just like a glitch that sticks once it sets in.... Well anyhow im seem to be short on luck these days in "unglithing" it on the xp . Even did the winclone thing but to no avail.

    I also played with compability modes but they did change anything.
    Please help me "unglitch" this awesome program ...

    OT: about the avi and h264 that normal for some reason goes 16.32.64 (and nothing else) in the video kbit page. I usually go mkv preset go into video , go up & down the bitrate in video, go back and set avi as container and adjust codec to h264/AVC. For some reason THEN setting bitrate in video with avi with h24 works properly.

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