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    Hello, I do have some questions about dvd burning on the computer.
    If I am posting this to the wrong boards, I am sorry, but I have no where else to
    turn to. I spotted this board when I was doing a search for burning dvd help.
    I have windows vista business version. I also have the roxio creator v. 9 and the intervideo win dvd program installed. I also have windows media center.
    I can watch videos, if popped into the dvd/cd drive and if I download them from my vuze torrent (free) program. But I can't burn them. Vuze plus wants 24.99 a year and there is many complaints about their Vuze plus program.
    I have also tried drag to disc on my roxio program, I have tried numerous free dvd burning programs. Nothing works.
    Windows media center will not copy the dvds (disc or torrent) for some reason. Intervideo will not do it at all.
    What do I need to do in order to burn dvds? Is there any programs that are recommended? What I am doing wrong? I would appreciate any kind of answer/help. I would like save some cash and bulk up my movie collection at home.

    Thank you for any answers or help.

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    How many forum rules can one person break in their first post?

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    Just buy dvds.