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  1. I don't have this problem with other players, just MPC (MPC-HC 1.3.2121.0). No matter what type of media I'm playing, whether it's a video or an mp3 , the audio is always messed up. Listen to the samples , look at the waveforms ("GOOD" was recorded from BSPlayer) and tell me what you think of all that.

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    Download AC3Filter if you haven't already and install that. Have AC3Filter handle all your audio and open it up in the system tray while playing a file and adjust the audio down to 0 db. That fixed it for me. If you're having trouble, let me know.
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    Hope this helps
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  4. Very late reply but was never really answered. I had the same problem only with MPC even the latest version.
    This is what you do :
    1 under view menu, open options
    2 go to audio swticher
    3 enable normalize and set boost to 0
    4 un-select "enable custom mapping"

    This solved my distortion issues.
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