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    Hello everyone.

    I'm trying to remove a logo from the videos of some shows a friend recorded off a TV station. Unfortunately, these episodes are not available on DVD, so the only option is for me to use the videos she has. The problem is the logo is a solid color, which means I can't use one of the VirtualDub filters to restore the image behind it, like I could if it was a watermark. You can see the logo here to see what I'm talking about:

    It's that orange thing in the top-right corner of the screen. I want these videos to be the highest quality possible, so I'm not interested in just using another filter like X Logo, which will blur it away. I want to actually remove it completely, if that's at all possible. My friend has copies of the video in which the logo appears in a different location, so I was wondering if there are any filters which let you replace that corner of the screen with the video source from another file.

    My preference is to do this in VirtualDub, but if you know of any other (reasonably priced) programs that will let you do this, please let me know. Thank you in advance.
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  2. Originally Posted by Riothamus View Post
    My preference is to do this in VirtualDub, but if you know of any other (reasonably priced) programs that will let you do this, please let me know.
    AviSynth is free. It's a simple matter using AviSynth to crop one video and then overlay it onto the other in place of the logo. As far as I know there aren't any VDub filters that allow for similar things.
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  3. You'll find two different caps usually have very different colors. Getting the colors to match will be the hard part. Here's a sample AviSynth script using Overlay() with an alpha mask to feather the edges:

    over=ImageSource("24pw1l3.png").Crop(552,200,48,40 ).RGBAdjust(rb=20,gb=20,bb=20)
    I'm using ImageSource() to open the sample image you supplied. You would normally use AviSource(), DirectShowSource(), or whatever is appropriate for your source video.

    Since I don't have an image of the second video I'm using the same image as the source for the overlay. I cropped the overlay image down to a small section of the door frame, down below the logo. You would adjust this crop to match the location of the logo in your overlay video.

    I adjusted the colors of the overlay to make it stand out in the final result. You'll probably have to adjust the colors to make the colors of the overlay match the working video.

    I created an alpha mask the size of the overlay (48x40):
    Name:  mask.png
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    In an alpha mask, black areas will be transparent, white areas will be opaque and shades of gray somewhere in between. The darker pixel in the mask the more transparent the overlay image will be.

    Finally, the overlay is overlaid onto the first video using the alpha mask:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	over.jpg
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Size:	19.0 KB
ID:	7237

    The same script, minus the color adjustment:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	clean.jpg
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Size:	18.9 KB
ID:	7238

    As a reference, the original image with the logo:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	orig.jpg
Views:	1289
Size:	19.4 KB
ID:	7239
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