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  1. Hi...not sure if this is correct forum and hope you will direct me.
    I just updated my VLC media player. Prior to update if i clicked on Record button the player created an mpeg of what i recorded and i would find it in My Pictures foldere.
    After the update when i hit the record button....i am not finding a mpeg of what i just recorded. Not sure if it's just ending up somewhere other than My Music folder or it's not working.
    I have Windows 7.
    Thanks for any help.
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    To set the record folder try this:-
    Tools > Preferences > Input & Codecs > Record Directory or filename > Browse
    Then 'Save'.
    Then re-start VLC.
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  3. That did it. Thanks.
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  4. It's probably in the VLC folder. To set which folder to use select Tools -> Preferences -> (show settings All at the bottom) -> Audio -> Output Module -> File -> Output File -> Browse. I don't know why they make this so hard to find.
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  5. I'm using VLC 2.2.1 on a Mac. Someone sent me a 52 minute mp4 file, and I wish to cut out segments. I've successfully used the record button on other videos in the past, but when I try and cut out a segment from this file, all I get is the audio.
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