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  1. Hello everyone! I’m in trouble streaming MP4+AAC 6ch movies using PS3 Media Server (v. 1.23.0). The fact is that I would like to stream MP4+AAC 6ch to my PS3 with AC3 6ch audio in my home theater. All I can get is AAC 2ch audio (yeah, I know my receiver does not support AAC). But the funny part is that I have another movie WITH EXTERNAL SUBTITLES (srt) and guess what? I DO listen AC3 5.1 in my home theater. Can anyone help me find a way to transcode MP4 movies with AC3 6ch to my PS3? I think it can be repaired in custom configuration or some other way! Thanks a lot.
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    You can set the number of channels on the Transcoding Settings tab under Common Transcoding Settings (should be the default page when you open that tab). I have it set to 5.1 @ 448 kbps AC3 for WiFi streaming.
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