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  1. Need to capture about 50 Video 8 tapes at the best resolution possible.

    I bought the blackmagic shuttle to do this and had the original camera, but it cant capture the video as it flickers black then image then black again and so on, impossible to capture

    1. Do i need a TBC to eliminate the flickering?

    2. What other hardware do i need?

    3. Video 8 player with a TBC

    4. you tell me?

    5. I have a mini DV camera Panasonic MX-8 should i just use this to capture then input via firewire?

    6. Would inputting into a Marantz 7001 reciever then HDMI into the shuttle can u upscale it? does that help?
    It says Up-Conversion (w/TBC) to HDMI with 480I/480P Converter

    I will want to do about 50 VHSC Video camera tapes after as well.

    I really only want to do this once so the best way and resolution would be best, price is a concern but not so ill have to do again hopefully.....


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  2. Wel the Marantz reciever didnt work.
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    As in, didn't fix it, or you got no signal? I know my AVR always uses HDCP on the output regardless of source.
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