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  1. I am trying to use the Koyotesoft HD converter to convert MTS video files to avi. These will be edited and then converted to NTSC .mpg for burning to dvd. The default frame rate is set at 25 fps but it seems to me that I should be using 29.97. Am I right?
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  2. Leave the frame rate at 25 fps. After converting to MPEG 2 for DVD use DgPulldown to add pulldown flags for 29.97.

    Or slow the video to 23.976 fps. Then encode as 23.976 fps with pulldown flags -- like most NTSC movie DVDs.
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    I have a problem. Due to a fatal error I\m forced to close down windows, and ultimatly leave out. Because leaving off for
    boot procedure cuts off outside link from my computer, I will have to ask smt pretty straight forward

    Are you kind to feed in a picture of Koyotesoft HD converter menu because next time I will lose program name and may
    find it nowhere else but here.
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  4. you can get the software from Not sure how to send you an image of the converter menu. Hope that this helps. Good luck
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