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  1. I've got a video lecture, about 1 hour 20 minutes long. The sound was either recorded from the back of the room or the room had terrible echo acoustics. The lecturer is really hard to understand because his voice comes across with an echo.

    Might there be some way that I could remove the sound echo in the video so that I can clearly understand it?
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    There is NO way to do this without:

    1. Lots of Time & Expensive!! software
    2. Great understanding of how to use them & how NOT to use them
    3. BOTH

    Even then, there's a very good chance it won't come out how you want it.

    If you have to have a good copy, I would suggest:

    1. REDO the lecture, this time record it better
    2. Re-record a good copy of the audio (maybe doing it yourself), editing it to be in sync with the video

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    I also doubt you can fix it, but try the freeware audio editor Audacity and some of the filters it has available. You might be able to make it sound a little better.
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    Also, perhaps post a 15 second clip for a further opinion.
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