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  1. Ive sometime get a strange bug when in preview nothing can be seen . The tabs and controls are all show just nothing in the movie output window. This happens on movies that ive seen previous work in preview.
    Its like once it gets to this point , ALL previews stop working and more importantly at this stage files that can usually be saved all get negative values. For example a 700 meg avi will say itll be saved to -4200 megs. It seem to persist no matter what new format i set.
    I got one box with XP. Whenever this happens on that i usually just winclone my way back. Not really a solution but it resets everything.
    The other box is win 7 and here I cant Winclone my way back.
    On the win 7 everything worked good for a while. When this issue came up i went from the portable to the regular and the regular worked fine as it keeps its own settings. But now the regular has got to that point too. So im stuck with two independent builds that both used to work. Same error.
    Ive uninstalled the regular one and delete the whole portable one as well and replaced the both with new installs. Still I get the same preview/save error thing on both on stuff that I seen work before.
    There must be some entry that can manipulated/deleted with regedit etc to reset it back since that what the winclone solution does.
    Any ideas ?
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    It is not something I have seen happen with XmediaRecode, which I run on several different machines. I suspect it is something else you are installing on these machines at some point. Do you install codec packs ?
    Read my blog here.
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  3. the xp box got a bounch of codecs installed , ace mega pack , k-lite... still they where installed b4 when it worked... nothing "new" has been installed at all, that is what so mindboogling.
    the win7 box got no codec at all just some players. same story there , nothing "new" added . The win7 box is an even bigger mystery as is was more like it worked yesterday, went to sleep, no system changes , not even a install in any way then it just came about not working.
    Xp box got dualboot with another "clean" xp for rescuing etc. on that one it works for some reason. but the normal xp should be working as it did last i cloned its state with winclone (when working). as i mentioned THAT is the usual procedure when this occurs , just wipe clean back to that working state. Just that working clone has mysteriously started to not work. That means the ONLY thing that could be altered the XMR folder whitch i keep on a partion other then the system boot. ie xp = c drive and xmr is on for ex d drive.
    Now here is when it really gets interessting , after is replaced the flawed system with the working clone, i then erased the entire XMR folder too and put in a brand new clean unaltered/tempered one with I have lying about. That is 100% old cloned working C drive AND totally new XMR. ***drumroll***
    It wont work anyway : blank preview ,negtive values , wont save/get working. And this is on different movies just to make sure it isnt an issue with a particular one . Im sort of running out on ideas atm.
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