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  1. hi all if i am posting this in the wrong place i am sorry for it.

    i have a dish network 722 DVR and have a external hard drive connected to it that had most of my tv shows and stuff on it this past week the 722 died and the new one they sent me wants me to format it so i can use my external hd with it but before i do that i would like to backup all the shows and stuff on to my pc is there anyway i can do that.

    thank you all for the help.
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    if you head over to dishrip on yahoo groups they have that same question regarding your receiver

    it looks like the drive is encrypted so that receiver that made the recordings is the only one that can play them. it may be possible to read with a linux live cd since the drive is formatted with a linux filesystem
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    Those shows can only be played on a working DVR. Programs recorded to the external drive are encrypted. If you came here from the group expecting to find out how to break the encryption and copy to a PC, then you are going to be disappointed *again*...
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    That ehd should be usable by any ehd receiver with a USB on your account. Have you called DishNetwork to ask them for help yet?

    I upgraded my 622 to a 722k about a month ago. I saved all our recordings to a ehd, let the installer setup the new 722, hooked up the ehd and copied everything to the internal hard drive. No issues.

    Note: Dish no longer charges the one time $20 fee for initial ehd hookup.

    Note2: If you have a 622/722, you can get a Sling Adapter for free. There are some prerequisites like a 622/722, automatic billing and I think a min. AT200 package. Check for specifics... You are charged the $100 fee but get a 100% rebate in 45 days. No related to the thread, just a heads up.
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  5. The answer is yes you can back up that drive to the PC, No you can't play them on the PC.

    Head over to and search for disharc.

    This is one that will come up. So you can backup.

    Second thing to try is search the same site for the error you are getting there are suggestions there too.
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