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  1. This is just bizarre. Sometimes when the user highlights an item on a menu, such as Copy, Open, Close, the highlighted item will remain on-screen even AFTER the program is closed.

    Doesn't happen every time, and only one item will persist.

    You can open and close other programs, move windows, etc., the item remains visible and does not move. Only a reboot removes it.

    XP system, no viruses, video card replaced, Mem Chip #2 now in Slot 1, Mem Chip #1 removed. Power supply also replaced.

    It appears to be only menu items selected which persist, and primarily in Office applications, possibly exclusively so. So far, only items on the primary or file menu persist.

    The problem is liveable and I've had 18 different things going on there, so haven't had much time with this one. Just damn interesting.
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    It sounds like a problem in how Windows uses virtual memory.
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  3. Deleted and re-created the virtual memory, defragged, problem happened once more after doing this but now seems to be gone.

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