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  1. Suddenly I find that all thumbnails for my AVI (FRAPS) files in my XP Pro Explorer foldersare upside down!

    Anyone know likely cause and a quick fix please?

    Also re-installed FRAPS, and tried a System Restore, both in vain.

    However, several threads I found during my research implicated ffdshow. I do have that obscure program installed and I have over the years made settings with it (but not for ages). Looking at it now I find it almost totally impenetrable! I wouldn't know how to begin explaining what it does or why it's configured the way it is, or which changes I made myself. However I opened 'ffdshow video decoder' and in the list of codecs I found the one for FRAPS. I changed 'disabled' to 'libavcodec' as shown here:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Ffdshow-1.jpg
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    After some use of Refresh Thumbnails, the AVIs are now displaying correctly. But why? And what possible negative consequences might now arise?

    Any simple insights into how ffdshow works and how to configure it would be much appreciated please.

    Terry, East Grinstead, UK
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