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  1. I've come across something odd since buying a new DVD/VHS combi recorder a year or so ago. I use this to burn DVDs from my camcorder direct to DVD.
    I recently tried to use DVD Shrink to extract a short clip from one of my DVDs and got the error "invalid dvd navigation structure". After checking the disc (remember it's one I have burned myself from my own material - no copyright involved, just my vacation movies).
    I can re-author and copy the Vob file to my PC and open that in shrink so there is a way around it but I was curious as to why I got the error (used, I believe, when copy protection is present).
    I tried a few other programs (isobuster, DVD43 etc) and they picked up nothing. However, css-region free says the disc has Sony Arccos copy protection.
    The recorder is a Toshiba combi (it has no model number on the front and it's very difficult for me to get to the back to see if it's there, sorry). As far as I know, there isn't an option (unless I've missed it) to copy protect your own recordings.
    The media is a verbatim DVD+R.
    Only recordings made on this Toshiba recorder seem to be doing this - not the ones on my previous recorder. The disks also play fine on anything capable of playing DVDs.
    Any help/ suggestions would be appreciated.

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    You cannot protect your own recordings. CSS Region Free is flat-out wrong. The probable reason DVDShrink won't read your discs is because they have more than one title. The last version of DVDShrink somewhat fixed that problem but your DVD recorder was probably made AFTER DVDShrink stopped being updated.
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    invalid dvd navigation structure
    It's an error, as stated.
    Use DVD Decrypter to extract, not DVD Shrink. Read the DVD extraction guide.
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  4. Phew, thank goodness for that.
    Yes, the recorder was made after the last issue of shrink and yes, they contain at least two titles (two 45 minute digital camcorder tapes).
    Thank you so much, I was convinced I'd gone mad.
    I've used Shrink a lot in the past (to extract short clips for Youtube etc) from similar compilations as it was so easy to get just the bits wanted.
    As I said, I can still use the re-author mode to see the files and then rip the section I want or transfer the vob file to my HDD and then edit the part I want out with Shrink. It's just the "open" commands that bring up the error.
    I'll certainly use Decrypter for larger projects.
    Thank you so much for your help. I can sleep tonight.
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