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  1. Hey guys, I've been trying to rip my blu-ray copy of Avatar and have hardcoded subs in the file for playback on my iOS devices. I've been using the following guide ( to keep the format and style of the subs, but instead of the Windows apps, using Mac apps instead. I'm basically using MakeMKV (to rip) > MKVTools (extract subtitles) > BDsup2sub (convert subtitles) > MKVtoolnix (remuxing) > handbrake (encoding). The problem I run into is the BDsup2sub part. I load the file from Avatar and get an error (see screenshot below). Does anyone know another method to convert the SUP to a SUB file or can someone convert for me? Thanks in advance!
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    Do a search for "Avatar"....this was discussed TO DEATH when the DVD and Blu Rays were released.
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