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    I'm having a heck of a time ripping blu-ray discs that use seamless branching. Usually what I do, with discs that don't use seamless branching, is use AnyDVD HD to rip the BD, then use good ol' Handbrake to convert the movie's m2ts file to an MKV in 1280x720 (or closest resolution, depending on the source). Naturally, I'm able to choose whatever audio tracks I want that are available in that particular movie.

    I'm trying to do the same thing with my ALIEN, ALIENS, ALIEN³, Terminator 2: Judgment Day and the 3 different versions of Blade Runner on the archival disc of the Blade Runner 5-disc set. I wanted to grab each of the films with their respective screen-specific audio commentaries, if any. Oh and I wanted to do the same with my Star Trek: TOS BDs as well. (The Star Trek: TOS blu-rays use seamless branching since they give the viewer the option to choose new or old effect shots).

    I started using DVDFab with the hopes that would do exactly what I wanted it to, which it did, to a point. I could output a m2ts file made up of the correct m2ts files in 1920x1080 since DVDFab knew which files to use for each title (or episode/version of the film). Then I started dropping these m2ts files in to handbrake and I would have no sound options other than the movie's main soundtrack, no commentaries, or I would play the m2ts file in VLC player, my go to player, and I could choose the commentary tracks but they would be silent.

    DVDFab should do what I want it to, but's being really uncooperative.

    I'm going to try StaxRip and see if that will help me do what I want.

    Any help, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    This has been pretty frustrating...
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    Try ripbot264.
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