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    sorry for the cross post. i originally put this in the dvd ripping forum as i suspected it to be related to media, method, etc. here is the latest.

    i have an older sony blu ray player, model bdp-s300, purchased in 2008. i've recently updated the firmware to the most current version. this was after it not being able to play tron on blu ray. after the firmware update, tron played fine.

    i pulled out some old burned dvd's and the player wouldn't play and would give me the error "cannot play disc". most of these were burned on ritek discs.

    i was in need of discs so purchased a good batch of TYG02 from supermediastore. got them in, burned, and each disc i burned won't play on the blu ray player. they play fine on the computers (desktop and laptop) and my VERY old sonly standard DVD player.

    i'm wondering if i'm just out of luck and the sony bdp-s300 is just not going to play these discs, OR if there is something else i can do that will enable the player to play them properly. is it a function of media, sw to burn, speed, firmware on dvd burner, or ANYTHING else that i can do to prevent me from having to buy new hardware (burner or player).

    any thoughts or ideas?

    if i do need a new blu ray player, how do i know if it will properly play the burned dvd's i have?


    chris c

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    Not sure if this helps, but I had purchased a Toshiba Blu Ray player and it made a horrible noise when playing backups (DVDs). The original (DVDs) played fine, so I took the Toshi back and got a Sylvania, no problems. I bought the Sylvania on Amazon, it streams Netflix, Vudu and a few others.
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