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  1. Is there a program to easily do this and it works? VobSub I have to do it one at a time. I have over 200 files I have to convert and I don't want to spend all day doing it one at a time.
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  2. Use SAConv.exe command line converter. Easiest way is a "for loop" such as
    For %s in (*.ass) do SAConv yadda yadda

    SAConv --help

    at the prompt for command line switches and syntax.

    It's a command line app but uses a .NET library for the subtitle conversions. If you have .NET 2.0 or later you're probably OK. Although I don't see any reference to .NET in the docs but if it uses a .NET lib then you need some kind of .NET. I'm just guessing 2.0 is enough. Trial and error shouldn't take long though. I'm using it on Windows Seven 32 bit.
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  3. Can you give me the EXACT list of what to type for it. Everytime I try to program something like that I fail miserably and break it.

    Also when I try to run the command line one it immediately closes
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  4. Set the command prompt to the folder with all the .ass files.
    Have SAConv.exe in a folder in your PATH.

    Use this command line

    For %s in (*.ass) do SAConv %s SubRip

    Should work if I read the help correctly

    Note that .srt doesn't have the formatting that .ass does. All you will get is text and timings
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  5. I guess Im doing something wrong but I typed EXACTLY what you said and dp was unexpected at this time

    also I can't read the help because it won't show up

    OR a way I can batch convert MKV to AVI with the subtitles in tact (converting everything with XVID4PSP
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  6. If you type
    SAConv --help

    (with 2 hyphens before the word help)
    and it doesn't show up then it's not set up correctly.

    You need the keep the entire SAConv folder not just the exe.

    Add the folder to your PATH

    See how to edit environment variables in Windows.

    If you have vista or w7 instead search for that.
    The info is out there. You have to do some trials to figure it out.
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