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  1. Subject line says it all. I'm just curious. The current version works great, but this program has a lot of unfulfilled potential, and I'd like to see it grow.
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  3. Rats. I knew it. Anybody know of a more fleshed-out alternative? It'd be nice to see support for cutting at non-keyframes, wider support for variations in the .*TS* format (it can't splice my .MTS files from a Canon camcorder, for example), and a few other things. I'm thrilled with TSSniper as it is, but it'd be nice to see what else is out there.
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  4. I sympathize, but tsSniper is just about the only free choice at the moment (i.e. it actually works). And some of the payware alternatives aren't much better.

    Yeah, I'd like to see something with advert detection, frame-accurate editing, with only cuts being re-encoded. No freeware like that exists at the moment.
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  5. VideoReDo TVSuite H.264 Also does Mpeg, You can download and run in trial mode free. Plus you can request a trial key to remove the 30 minute output time limitations for a period of time. That way you can see if it meets your needs. It is what I switched to.
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