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  1. Hi all, I’m very new to video encoding so I am looking from some pointers to get me going on a new conversion. I have used VirtualDub in the past to edit videos and convert them to xvid which was easy enough.

    This time I have what I think is an uncompressed video file (UYVY (packed 4:2:2)) with PCM audio, it is about 110GB in size, and I want to convert it to a DVD. The video file is a VCR rip so quality is not that great. I’m thinking of using VirtualDub to clean up the video but don’t really know what to do after that.

    Current video size is 720 x 576 25fps and I think it is interlaced. I’d prefer to use free software since I only have 1 file to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Try one of the all in one tools such as AVStoDVD or DVD Flick.
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    If you choose to use VirtualDub for 'clean up', you should be aware that VD can 'frameserve' video out directly to a MPEG encoder. That eliminates a 'in-between' output file, which would be another 110GB if you kept the same format. Frameserving is one good option. Leave it interlaced. HC Encoder and QuEnc are two freeware MPEG-2 encoders.

    For a DVD, the MPEG needs to meet the DVD specifications. Several MPEG encoders out there. Since you are in PAL country, you would likely convert it to PAL DVD specs. If you look to the upper left on this page, you will see the DVD specifications, format and structure under 'WHAT IS' DVD.

    Then you need a DVD authoring program to put the MPEG-2 into the DVD format. GUI for dvdauthor is a good choice.

    Finally, burn it to DVD with ImgBurn, using good quality DVD media. Verbatim is one choice. Taiyo Yuden is another.
    All these programs are freeware. There are some 'all-in-one' programs that may do this whole conversion also. Depends on what you want to learn and what quality you want to preserve.

    And welcome to our forums.
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