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    are all dvd-r burners capable of burning cdr?
    or do they (dvd burners) need to have this specification in order to burn cdr?
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  2. I believe that they are backward compatible so they SHOULD be able to, if you find a burner you like, enquire about that feature. Ask the support people or better yet real people who have the unit to see if it does, and if so how well does it perform.
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  3. CD burning is not part of the requirements for DVD burning. The Pioneer DVR-A03 and the newer A04 will burn CD-R and CD-RW as well as the DVD-R and DVD-RW formats.

    I also understand that some (but not all) DVD+RW writers can also burn to CD-R/RW.

    The Panasonic DVD-R/RAM burner cannot burn to CD-R/RW for example.

    It depends on the manufacturer and the features they want to offer but it will be mentioned in the advertising for the particular drive you are interested in. Best bet is to ask the retailer, or check out the company's website.
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