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  1. Maybe this post should be in authoring.. I want to know if the 1080p 50fps footage is compatible for a blu ray
    disc? i have tried it authored to BD-RE and it plays back ok on my main tv Pana 42GT20. But with the panasonic software it does not give you this option, so I am thinking they expect you to play it back only through the camcorder.
    I don't want to make a disc if it is not of standard. Also it played back on my other tv 1080i pana lcd but the picture and lines like it was interlaced, when paused they went.
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    50fields/second is supported if it's interlaced.
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  3. Thats a pain then! Is there any programme that will nock it down to 25rps and interlace it? the pana program does this but drops the bitrate down to avchd level, but I want to author to blu ray so to leave bitrate as is.

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